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When mom feels great, then we do too!


Mom comes home and doesn’t feel well and has to go right to bed.
Dad keeps the kids quiet and helps them make Mom’s favorite dish, Wieners and Asparagus. The book is a recipe that uses equal parts of rhyming humor and optimism so the whole family can work together to bring positive and healing results to their sick 

With examples of upbeat activities beautifully illustrated, WHEN MOM FEELS GREAT provides enjoyable and helpful moments to chase away the mystery and fear of illness: making funny videos, throwing a dance party with Motown tunes, or playing pirate in rocking chairs on the front porch.

Because, ultimately, if it “helps Mom feel great, then we do, too!”


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Phyllis Schwartz has been visited by cancer more than once in her life and she  always confronted her disease with the same “can do” spirit that made her a  successful television executive. Cognizant of how cancer is a family challenge,  in “When Mom Feels Great” she offers comfort for younger family members,  reminding them that when they just keep being kids, they can help her get  better, so she can keep telling them “love you” and “don’t forget your sweater.” 

    -Deborah Norville - New York Times best-selling author and Anchor of Inside  Edition 

A simply inspiring and uplifting book that helps explain and take the “scary” out of  a loved-one’s illness. 

    - Delette Marengo, author of the popular children's book “Pup is Up." 


“Phyllis Schwartz does a great job using humor and optimism to  infuse this upbeat, rhyming exploration of how an extended family  can cooperate and work together to bring positive and healing  results to a sick mom. “ You and your family will enjoy reading the  feel good WHEN MOM FEELS GREAT, THEN WE DO TOO! ” 

     -Jennifer Rees, Children’s Book Editor, Reedsy

"A uniquely phrased children's book on an important topic for both  kids and parents. "  

Lia Fairchild,  

     -Author of Circle in the Sand 


“When Mom Feels Great, Then We Do Too, Is  a light hearted book that deals with a heavy  issue. Phyllis Schwartz writes from the heart  and delivers a book that needs to be on all of  our shelves.” 

Jessica Woo author/ illustrator 

     -“What to Do About Your Monsters.”

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