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Sarah Dodds rated it 

What a fabulous story to pass along to any family where a parent is
suffering from an illness or injury. What a calm and cheerful way to help
children know how they can be helpers (and kids do loooove to help!) while
promoting optimism and hope.
I will be getting this book for my classroom and my school social worker to
have to loan to all families in need . BRAVO!
Thank you to NetGalley and Xpresso Book Tours for the opportunity to read
this ARC.


Angie Bridget rated it 

This rhyming picture book tells the story of two kids whose mom has to go
to the hospital because she is sick. The children talk about all of the things
they do to make her feel better. It is a very positive story that can be used
to help young children deal with such a scary event like a parent's
hospitalization. I would highly recommend this book to parents of children,
especially those who have an ill family member. Thanks to NetGalley and
the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book!


From Goodreads:
Theediscerning rated it 
really liked it

A helpful book, and no mistake – this will certainly let you know how the
author likes her wieners and asparagus! More beneficially, it will convey in
very pleasant manner a dollop of positivity for young audiences whose
parents get sick. The author has had cancer multiple times, and this talks of
the mom having "some bumps" taken out. But rest assured she is quickly
back at home, and even if the new ground rules have to include better
behaviour and more making of the bed, they also include diverting yourself
from the issue, and having sensible fun as a whole family. It's a little too
optimistic, if anything, bordering on lack of realism, but it does what it
needs to do – show that you can get through it as a family of a sufferer day
by day and play by play. Told in verse that has a relaxed attitude to the
perfect rhyme and with some really accomplished full-page illustration, this
definitely is an issue book first and an entertainment book second, but has
enough about it to stop the intended readers from feeling down, which may
be all you could ever ask of it. Four and a half stars.


Natalie G, Reviewer Rated it

Courtesy of NetGalley:
This was a really sweet story of kids supporting their mom when
she’s very sick. I liked that the illness wasn’t too specific, so this
can relate to many children. The illustrations were cute and fun.


mar z, Reviewer rated it

Courtesy of NetGalley:
En este libro para niños, vemos como una madre está enferma y los
hijos y el padre se la pasan cuidándola
y hacerla sentir mejor,
Me gustó cómo los niños ayudaban a papá a preparar comida, le hacían
masaje a la mama. Muy bonito.


Educator 1023882 rated it 

Courtesy of NetGalley:
This is a fantastic children’s book about how to treat others when they
are not feeling well. It touches themes of how to deal with illness,
compassion, responsibility, and how to be kind. Phyllis Schwartz has 
shown through a very child friendly lens how to address others in your
life when someone that is significant to you becomes ill. Throughout
the story it shows how to be helpful towards others. How to show that you
care for the people in your life, and how making others feel better can
ultimately make you feel better.


Jenna R, Reviewer rated it

I was granted complimentary access to When Mom Feels Great
Then We Do Too! by Phyllis Schwartz by Xpresso Book Tours via
NetGalley. Thanks for the opportunity! My thoughts are my own and
my review is honest.

When Mom Feels Great Then We Do Too! is a beautifully illustrated
children’s book about staying positive and making the most out of
life when a parent gets sick. It’s implied that the mother in this book
is battling cancer and we see father, kids and grandma come together
to help with the housekeeping, keep the kids entertained, and cheer up
the mother during this uncertain time. It’s a lighthearted and refreshing
story of happiness and hope around a topic that can be scary and
upsetting. This book is appropriate for younger kids and would
definitely be a helpful addition to the library of any family dealing with
parental illness.



BY KAMERON BROOK from Reedsy Discovery

Must read

I will recommend "When Mom Feels Great, Then We Do Too!" to family and friends. 

"When Mom Feels Great, Then We Do Too! uses humor
and optimism to infuse this upbeat, rhyming exploration of
how an extended family can cooperate and work together
to bring positive and healing results to a sick mom. As a
mom who has lived through a similar experience, I know
how important it is to engage all family members in a
productive way and let the fun and love chase away the
mystery and fear of illness.

This book provides real examples of how children might
provide enjoyable and helpful moments as they make

funny videos and throw a dance party with Motown tunes,
or work with
Dad to make their favorite dinner dish. Because,
ultimately, if it “helps Mom feel great,
then we do, too!”

Growing up, I don't recall my mother being sick very often.
However, when she was under the weather, the entire
house jumped on board to help out. I learned to appreciate
everything my mom did in and out of the house at a young
age. As a parent, I do my best not to get ill. When it
happens, I have an excellent support team who do their
best to make me feel better.

My husband reminds the kids to use their library voice
while indoors. They make sure I always have a drink
nearby. My youngest also brings me a stuffed toy that is
supposed to "chase the sick germs away."

When someone, anyone, in your home is feeling under the
weather, band together like the family did in When Mom
Feels Great, Then We Do Too! by Phyllis Schwartz.
Sometimes laughter is the best medicine!
At the story's start, Phyllis Schwartz mentions the dad
helping the kiddos make mom's favorite dish, weiners and
asparagus. Be prepared for your child to giggle when they
hear "weiners." Mine did.

My kiddos are not a fan of asparagus or hot dogs, but if
your kids are, I have great news for you—the author
included the recipe for mom's favorite dish. They even
included suggested sides: rice and corn (kernel or on the
cob). FYI: It "serves 2 adults and multiple kids."
When Mom Feels Great, Then We Do Too! by Phyllis
Schwartz was a charming story. It did have some words
that will need exploring, depending on your audience's
age: Motown music. Also, I'm no fashionista, so "Frida
Kahlo" went right over my head.

Siski Kalla did a lovely job on the illustrations. They were
all very nice.
I will recommend When Mom Feels Great, Then We Do
Too! to family and friends.
Siski Kalla did a lovely job on the illustrations. They were
all very nice.
I will recommend When Mom Feels Great, Then We Do
Too! to family and friends.


Aug 28, 2022

Suzanne rated it 

Shelves: "ya- kid-lit"

This positive portrayal of a family supporting Mom as she recovers from an
illness shows how even kids can help out and make Mom feel great. The
text does not specify what sort of sickness Mom is fighting, but we know
that doctors “took out some bumps.” (The dedication mentions three cancer
fights, which inspired the book.) Being quiet around the house while Mom is
resting, helping with chores like making beds or weeding the yard, even
creating funny videos to cheer her up are all great ideas that anyone can
do for a sick family member. One evening the kids and their father make
Mom’s favorite dinner - wieners and asparagus. The author has included
the recipe at the back of the book for anyone who would like to try it out at
This is an uplifting book that shows how family and friends can rally around
someone dealing with a serious medical issue. If you know a child who has
this type of situation in their life, this is the perfect story to share with them
and help them understand how they can help. It shows that their loved one
may need more rest than usual, help from doctors, and plenty of affection -
but that they will appreciate the care and love the child gives them.

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