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I See The Sea Glass In Your Eyes, For Susan

I see the sea glass in your eyes green,

sometimes wet and shiny.


Next to stones the dreamy color of

turquoise summer skies.


Or ocean emeralds achingly opaque,

tumbled by uneven waves.


Nearby the Bell Vireo camouflaged by

beach crystal colored celadon.


Other pieces deeply violet mirrors to your

 beautiful vision, so true it never lies.


Beach jewels more gold than coins in a

precious heart purse.


Use them like currency,

 to trade away the darkness.


Then smaller ones in cocoa brown rolled in

sand like a sea sugar cure for starfish.


They scrub our rough spots smooth but

never all the way to their cerulean center.


Please, O Please

Keep that for us forever!

(Published May 2022)

Phyllis and Susan.heic
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