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Anybody who knows this former grizzled news broad

knows I’ve been into Barbie Pink my whole life.

Birthday Party pink.

Seashell pink.

Drugstore Lipstick pink. 

Peppermint Ice Cream pink.

Dime Store Bracelet pink.

Ring Around the Rosie pink.

Girly Girl pink.

Fighting breast cancer pink.

Preppy boy pink too (shout out to Charlie Cook pink!).

I have a special place in my closet for all my vintage pink threads.

I’m so excited to be joined by all the other Barbie pink fans and

can hardly wait to see the movie.

Girls can love Barbie from their pink right or left brains.

Today I pulled out some of my ageless rosy duds and had a 

beautiful lunch with my husband who is definitely in the pink!




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